More than 60 billion trees are scheduled to be planted.

Apr 05, 2021

Many countries have recently promised to plant trees as a way to combat the problems they face with global climate change.

Plant for Pakistan (Plant4Pakistan), also known as 10 Billion Tree Tsunami, is a five-year project to plant 10 billion trees across Pakistan

Pakistan with a population of 200 million is one of the worlds countries with the lowest percentage tree cover in the world (3%). It is also one of the countries with the worst predictions for climate change. Prime Minister Imran Khan has set about an ambitious project to reforest the country. Since retaking rule of the country from the British, the countries forests have been severely reduced. The current project which is underway is to reforest around 3 billion trees in the next 2 years but Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed his desire to increase that number to 10 Billion trees before the end of his term in 2023

Trees are selected for their ability to resist drought and grow fast, one of the most popular species is the Neem tree amongst others. The project is also helping reduce unemployment and Pakistan hopes to have a green economy going forward.

The Great Green wall of Africa

The Sahara desert is heading south and wiping out communities in its path. In 2007 the African Union launched an ambitious project to vegetate 150 million hectares of land and create a living wall which would be 3 times larger than the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia. Local efforts across 11 countries have led to limited successes with just 16% of the trees planted. However this year (2021) the project received a major economic boost with a pledge of $14 Billion in funding from a coalition of international governments and development banks.

Projected image of the project.

The challenge is engage with local communities and find out what trees they want planted and are willing and able to support and protect from grazing animals. Just planting a tree in a hole is not sufficient it takes much more to take a sapling tree to maturity.

Saudi Arabia announces intention to plant 10 Billion trees in the Kingdom

Saudi Arabia is a dry desert climate with less than 100 mm of rain a year, with increasing temperatures many parts of the country may become inhabitable in the coming decades. The Kingdom in 2021 has announced its intention to plant 10 billion trees and have 50% of the countries energy needs met by renewable energy sources by 2030.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, 10 billion trees will be planted across the Kingdom “in the upcoming decades” and an additional 40 billion will be planted across the Middle East.

Neal Spackman wants to plant a Billion Mangroves by 2030 and sell Shrimp.

Neal is famous as a success of greening the desert of Saudi Arabia in the Al Baydha Project. He has now launched a business which will reforest mangroves creating a thriving regenerative business at the same time. Mangroves are so important as habitat and protection to our coasts. Neal and his team have identified an opportunity to fill the gap between what is needed and what is available by using business. The shrimp business will provide income and livelihood to many along the desert coasts of Mexico and other target areas around the world.

World targets planting 1 trillion trees

The overall feeling is of very positive, the reality will be that the trees need nurturing and that is what has been missing from previous projects, proper design from a holistic approach will increase the likely success of these projects. We can all help of course, remember the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time, today!


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